The Mike Holmes Inspection Program: Everything You Need to Know

As Timber Block's partnership with Mike Holmes continues to thrive, Timber Block homeowners are happier than ever, knowing they have have built a high quality, energy efficient, beautiful home.

The Mike Homes/Timber Block partnership began a few years ago, with the integration of the Mike Holmes Inspection Program following not long after. 

More about the partnership with Mike Holmes 

The partnership with Holmes - who is a highly respected contractor, television home, educator and industry influencer - was a natural fit, as the Holmes Group shares the same values and goals, along with a dedication to construct high quality homes.

The Timber Block-Holmes Group partnership allows our homeowners to take advantage of the Timber Block experience, which implements a level of customer service above the rest. The partnership confirms Timber Block is a "Holmes Approved Product", a "Holmes Approved Builder", and a "Holmes Approved Home."


What exactly is the Mike Holmes Inspection Program?

The Mike Holmes Inspection Program is integrated into every manufactured Timber Block home. This signifies the level of quality in each and every Timber Block home constructed, regardless of size, style, location and more. 

The program includes 2 additional quality assurance reports, signifying the home is of the highest quality. These reports  will help homeowners to have more control over their home building project. 

Mike Holmes

The certification includes 3 steps: 


There are several points that need to met in order to pass inspection according to this program. These are very carefully studied, and will only pass once the highest grades are achieved. This is an important step in the inspection process, as the homeowner is guaranteed all facets of the factory related process has been approved to the highest standards of the Mike Holmes Inspection Program.


An approved Mike Holmes Inspector will confirm the structural framing and all Timber Block products are in order, including the building envelope, all exterior trims, all structural elements and all weather proofing is complete. 


An approved Mike Holmes Inspector will validate the level of energy efficiency in the home. This will be a close look at the insulation and vapor barrier, the sealing of the building envelope, the installation of the window and will complete a blower door test. 

Once the inspections are completed, a report will be given to both the Timber Block Project Manager and homeowner, with the Project Manager reviewing the findings with the client and the Builder or General Contractor.

Overall, having an extra, 3rd party inspection, conducted by well-respected, highly-qualified inspectors is something that Timber Block feels is important to provide to our clients, as we want each and every homeowner feel confident they have built their dream home to last. 



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Timber Block's Integration of the Mike Holmes Inspection Program is the next step in the Partnership between Timber Block and Mike Holmes. The partnership - established in 2017 -  was a natural fit, as the Holmes Group and Timber Block share the same values, goals and dedication to building the highest quality of homes. 

Timber Block is proud to be a Holmes Approved Product, Holmes Approved Builder and Holmes Approved Home.

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