Timber Block Talk: Your Top Questions Answered

All month long, our experts have been answering questions you've asked on social media. From our technology to cost of building, our top experts have been delivering the answers you need.

One of our followers sent in a series of questions relating to the earlier stages of the home building journey. We turned to our National Construction Manager, Parker McGee for the answers. Enjoy this edition of "TImber Block Talk"!

Q: What other designers do I need to work with to complete the design? IE Electrical, Heating/AC, Kitchen design,   Or are all these brought together and coordinated by Timber Block? What about site grading, landscaping, septic systems?  What kind of help can Timber Block provide?

Mr. McGee: Home building is incredibly local. An exact precise answer depends on the location of your home site and the home you intend to build. Contact one of our Home Consultants for the specifics on your personal home build.  Our Construction Concierge Service will help coordinate as much of this as required.  That being said, here is a general rundown based on our experience across North America.

Your first step should be to reach out to your local building department to obtain their list of permitting requirements. If you are in a community with architectural restrictions, you should obtain a copy of those as well.  From experience, we can break down your question into 4 categories.


  • Timber Block will perform architectural design and obtain a wet sealed set of drawings from a professional engineer licensed in the state or province the home is to be built.

Typically Required:

  • HVAC – Design included in HVAC base bid.
  • Well & Septic – Health Dept. will typically dictate design.

Sometimes Required:

  • Electrical – Most jurisdictions are comfortable with the prescriptive code and do not require the formality of a schematic drawing.
  • Energy Modeling – Depends on the jurisdiction.
  • Foundation Engineering – Depends on the jurisdiction and the type of foundation.

Rarely Required or Owner’s Discretion:

  • Plumbing - Most jurisdictions are comfortable with the prescriptive code and do not require the formality of a schematic drawing.
  • Grading
  • Landscaping – Beyond a couple of very rare instances this is at the owner’s discretion.
  • Kitchen Designer – Owner’s discretion. Typically included by cabinet vendor.
  • Interior Designer – Owner’s discretion.

Timber Block talk: custom home interior


Q: Does Timber Block create site plan drawings for submittal to conservation authorities and city planners?

Mr. McGee: If necessary, site plans are usually coordinated by the GC with our support.  We generally can do this as an option through a local 3rd party if the client needs the support. 

The most successful outcomes occur on projects that have a leadership team of the Owner, Timber Block, and a General Contractor (GC). The key here is team.  ach member has a specific role and certain responsibilities, but generally the party best able to manage the task is assigned the task. The other two team members stand in support of the teammate assigned the given task.  Timber Block’s Construction Concierge Service is designed to provide this type of support as well as being an informational resource to the owner throughout the project. From basic terminology to technical energy management, these guys are very experienced construction professionals in their own right and are graded internally on client satisfaction.  

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