Timber Block and Sustainability: Hear From a Homeowner's Point of View

There has been a renewed focus on sustainability in the home building industry in recent years, and that focus is expected to increase...and fast. Along with the ability to achieve a home that is considered sustainable, another important factor is the level of...

Why Timber Block, Chapter 3: Timber Block's Commitment to Green Building

Our final chapter in our 3-part Series is all about our commitment to green building and how we practice green building through our practices, materials and partners.

Why Timber Block: Chapter 2: How Timber Block Maximizes Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency. It's a top priority for most homeowners looking to build a new home. Simply put, an energy efficient home will save money and be more durable and comfortable. 

Why Timber Block Chapter 1: An In-Depth Look at Timber Block's Panelized Building System

"The push comes as timber becomes more cost competitive as steel prices rise, and the use of pre-fabricated wood panels allows for quicker construction with less labor..." - Bloomberg.com, February 19, 2019 

Mike Holmes to Visit Timber Block Booth at IBS 2019

Timber Block is getting ready for the year's largest light construction show of the year - The 2019 NAHB International Builders Show (IBS), happening February 19-21 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.