Timber Block Reveals New Contemporary "Tiny House"

The design team at Timber Block Engineered Homes has done it again, and has created a home with oustanding architectural appeal - this time in a "smaller" fashion.

Timber Block Homes: How House Settling and Checking is Avoided

House settling and checking are common phrases associated with the construction of wood homes, especially log homes. Today, we're explaining why Timber Block homeowners never have to worry about either of these issues.

The Timber Block Advantage: Download it for Yourself Today

The team at Timber Block stands by our commitment to our customers. From homeowners and builders to developers, partners and more, our promise has always been to build the highest of quality homes and buildings, while simplifying the build for everyone involve...

Timber Block: Top Manufacturer of Log Homes in NC

Timbr Block is proud to be named one of the top manufacturers of engineered log homes across the country. Most recently, our model home near Hickory, North Carolina has made headlines thanks to some major recognition in not only the home building industry as a...