Year in Review: Craftsman Series

The Craftsman style home is a favorable choice for homeowners for many reasons, such as the architectural detail, the curb appeal, the charm and warmth and the thought of the style never going out of style.

Timber Block Model Homes Holiday Hours, Locations and Directions

As we prepare for this beautiful holiday season, we'd like to let you help plan your visits with us during the next couple of weeks!

Timber Block Year in Review: Contemporary Series

The desire for a contemporary style home has been on a steady rise for the last several years, and we expect that momentum to continue well into 2020 and for years beyond.

Timber Block Year in Review: Classic Series

The Classic Series will always hold a special place in our hearts, as this is the style of home that was launched alongside the Timber Block product. In fact, the idea behind the Timber Block system was to provide homeowners who were building a log home to hav...

Innovative Technology: The Timber Block Way

As we head into another brand new year, the building industry will continue to focus on the importance of building efficiently, using technological advances to ensure homes are utilizing the benefits of building green, and to continue to work on constructing h...