A Look Inside Timber Block's Top Homes: Our Favorite Interiors

Whether you're in the very early stages of your journey to your dream home, in the design phase, or halfway through construction, your interior is going to finalize your project, and officially turn your dream into a reality.

A Timber Block Homeowner Answers: "How Much Does it Cost?"

It's a topic that comes up constantly, and understandably so! The cost of building a Timber Block home. Today, we're hearing from someone who has went through the process, from beginning to end.

The Design Process: Why it's Important to Get Started Early

The design process of your dream home. This is one of the most exciting steps in your journey to your dream home. Our goal is to make each step - from beginning to end - as easy and enjoyable as possible, and it all starts with the design process.

Timber Block's Sonoma Named Top Contemporary Home

When Timber Block's Sonoma model was officially announced publicly, the response from Contemporary lovers was through the roof! In fact, the design of this home as so well received, we constructed one during one of Canada's largest home shows. Thousands of peo...

Mortgage Pro Offers Advice on Construction Loans

You've decided to embark on the most exciting journey of your life: building a new home, a second home, or the dream home you've always wanted. As you look forward to taking the first steps of this journey, you will - no doubt - have many questions, with one o...