Home of the Week: A Classic Beauty

Our Home of the Week is one straight from our fabulous collection of Classic-style homes. This lakefront gem is a slightly modified St. Bernard, constructed on a beautiful property designed for cottage living.

Top Ontario Builder on His Experience with Timber Block Homes

Building a Timber Block home: the ease, the quick assembly, the quality, the sustainability. These are just a few benefits you've heard us talk about when discussing the construction of a Timber Block home. Today, we're talking with a builder that has built - ...

The Top 5 Craftsman Homes Revealed!

Over the past few months, Timber Block has talked about, featured or posted each Craftsman home design in the collection. We wanted to find out which homes our followers loved the most.

The Timber Block Technology: A Bird's Eye View

If you've followed this blog, our social sites, spent time on our website or visited us in person, you know we talk a lot about our technology. Why? Because our advanced technology is what puts us at the top of the list for not only homeowners, but builders, g...

Timber Block FAQ: What's Included?

Timber Block FAQ #2: What is included when you purchase a Timber Block home? (The #1 FAQ relates to pricing. Read what a Timber Block homeowner has to say about the cost to build here: Timber Block Cost)

The Story of the Juckers' Part 1: Gatlinburg Fires Wipes Out Home; the Decision to Rebuild

It was Monday after Thanksgiving, 2016. What started out to be a typical winters' day in beautiful Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Pete and Joy Jucker began November 28, 2016 as they normally would at that time of year - busy merging their 2 stores into one. This prepa...