Why Timber Block, Chapter 3: Timber Block's Commitment to Green Building

Our final chapter in our 3-part Series is all about our commitment to green building and how we practice green building through our practices, materials and partners.

Why Timber Block: Chapter 2: How Timber Block Maximizes Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency. It's a top priority for most homeowners looking to build a new home. Simply put, an energy efficient home will save money and be more durable and comfortable.

Why Timber Block Chapter 1: An In-Depth Look at Timber Block's Panelized Building System

"The push comes as timber becomes more cost competitive as steel prices rise, and the use of pre-fabricated wood panels allows for quicker construction with less labor..." - Bloomberg.com

Timber Block's New Eris: A Special Delivery: (Video)

Timber Block's Eris model is a brand new design, and to say it's gorgeous is an understatement. Designed to have a flowing, efficient and ideal floor plan, we were excited to watch the walls of this beauty be installed in North Carolina.

Looking For Inspiration? Here are 8 Home Designs You'll Love

Knowing what you want in a home is the very first step in the journey you are considering or are about to take. There are several things to think about:

UPDATE: The Timber Block Tour at The Coves Postponed

Updated March 16, 2020.

Open House Events, Custom Lodge Tour, Home Shows & More. Welcome to March!

We're full swing into March 2020, and that means, we're busier than ever, and it all begins today! Here's a list of upcoming shows, open house events and other happenings in the upcoming days:

5 Single Level Homes You'll Fall in Love With

Single level, Ranch, Garden level or one-story. While there are many ways to say it, a home's living space - all on one floor - is as common and favored today as it was years ago.