A Timber Block Homeowner on the Importance of the Ability to Customize

Custom Home Building: 3 Custom Contemporary Homes You'll Love

Whether you're building a classic vacation style cottage or an extravagant luxury forever home, having the ability to create a custom floor plan that's right for you is the absolute most crucial part of the home design process.

Sustainability and the Timber Block Commitment

It's no surprise to most in the industry to know Timber Block's commitment to green building, energy efficiency and sustainability. It's been our promise from the very first Timber Block home constructed, and we're proud to say we have now gone above to ensure...

Timber Block Floor Plans: By Size!

If you've spent some time on our website or joined us on any of our social media platforms, you'll know we are proud to build luxury, custom homes, of all sizes...and styles!

NEW PHOTOS: The Dakota - A Dream Come True!

As per usual, Timber Block's award winning Dakota design remains one of the top 5 most favored homes in 2021, and it looks to be staying that way so far in 2021.

Is a Single Level Home the Right Choice for You?

A single level home - also known as one-level, one-story or ranch-style, has always been appealing to homeowners everywhere. The reason simple - many people who are building their very own custom dream home will almost always be thinking well into the future -...