Craftsman Style: Why Craftsman Homes are Gaining Popularity in 2019

The Craftsman Style in home design has certainly appealed to many homeowners over the years, and so far, 2019 is seeing an even deeper increase than in recent years. Today, we're taking a look into why the Craftsman style home is the choice for many homeowners today: 


First and foremost, Craftsman homes are always beautiful. Always. Details such as large porches and large columns, often tapered, exposed beams and rafters and large windows. Inside, you'll often see plenty of built-in cabinetry. The interiors  always boasts plenty of detail, while being very warm and welcoming.

Timber Block Everest Craftsman

Convenience and Practicality 

Often with Craftsman floor plans, you'll have an open layout which is simple and practical. You'll see gorgeous fireplaces that are both functional and the center of attention. 

Timber Block Olympia



The Craftsman home is not defined by the size. For example, you'll see plenty of oversized Craftsman floor plans, along with a home with a smaller square footage. It's also not defined by single or multi-level. 

Timber Block McKinley


The Craftsman style is not going anywhere. The design will always be charming - inside and out - for years to come. 

Here are the Top 5 Craftsman style homes from Timber Block this year.

#5 The Newton

Timber Block newton

Click here to get the Newton Floor Plan

#4 The Whistler 

Timber Block Whistler

Click here to see the Whistler Floor Plan

#3. The Denali 

Timber Block Denali

Get the Denali floor plan here

#2. The Blackcomb

Timber Block Blackcomb

Click here to see the Blackcomb Floor Plan

1. The Orford

Timber Block Orford

Click here for the Orford Floor Plan

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