Year in Review: Craftsman Series

The Craftsman style home is a favorable choice for homeowners for many reasons, such as the architectural detail, the curb appeal, the charm and warmth and the thought of the style never going out of style. 

Aesthetically, you'll notice many characteristics:

*many will feature a large porch

*many will have exposed rafters

*pillars are common

*built-in storage areas

*a focus on the fireplace

*natural warmth using natural materials

Here were the most loved Craftsman style homes in 2019:


The Whistler, a new model has outstanding curb appeal, and a feel that is completely unique. The mixed materials on the exterior flow perfectly from one end to the other. The Whistler has 3 bedrooms, a 2-car garage and is 1903 square feet. 

Timber Block Whistler

Whistler interior

See the Whistler floor plan here.


Like the Whistler, the Denali has a gorgeous exterior, staying true to the nature of Craftsman style. The Denali is just over 2700 square feet and has 4 bedrooms.

Timber Block Denali

See the Denali floor plan here.


One of Timber Block's newest models, the Juno was one of the year's most loved Craftsman style models, thanks to the eye catching exposed rafters, intricate stonework and tapered columns. The floor plan is functional, practical and suits the needs of most. The Juno is around 2000 square feet and has 3 bedrooms. 

Timber Block Juno Front

Timber Block Juno Back

See the Juno floor plan here


Released at the same time as the Denali, many homeowners love the architectural beauty of the home...from top to bottom. The Blackcomb is just under 2000 square feet and has 3 bedrooms.

Timber Block Blackcomb

See the Blackcomb floor plan here.


Almost always, the Orford comes in on top. This is a one level model with 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and in 1986 square feet. 

Timber Block Orford Exterior

Timber Block Orford Interior

See the Orford floor plan here

All Timber Block homes, regardless of size or style are equally as energy efficient, and are constructed utilizing our patented panelized system building process. Our homes are made of Eastern White Pine, will never settle or check, R-30 wall insulation is standard, they assemble in hours and can be built anywhere. Timber Block is a proud partner of Mike Holmes and is proud to be Holmes Approved. To find out more about Timber Block, talk to a Timber Block home consultant today.

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