Top Ontario Builder on His Experience with Timber Block Homes

Building a Timber Block home: the ease, the quick assembly, the quality, the sustainability. These are just a few benefits you've heard us talk about when discussing the construction of a Timber Block home. Today, we're talking with a builder that has built - not one or 2 - but several Timber Block homes, including one of the largest projects to date.

Brad Dumond is the Operations Manager for Gregor Homes, LTD, located in Barrie, Ontario. Gregor Homes has been in operation for 35 years and is heavily involved in many aspects of the home building industry from custom builds, renovations, additions to landscaping. Gregor Homes is very well known as one of the top homebuilders of high quality homes, both locally and provincially. 

Brad says they were introduced to Timber Block about 6 years ago, and from the very first build, they immediately knew the relationship was going to be an excellent one. We asked Brad: "Why Timber Block?"

"Our clients absolutely love the day of the wall raising. It's pretty amazing when you can go from a foundation in the morning to a complete structure by the end of the day." He says while the wall raising is exciting, the entire process is impressive. "The Timber Block process is very unique. The fact that the panels come pre-finished with the R-values already in the wall, there are no other packaged products that can do that." 

As far as the "Green" factor, Brad says the efficiency of the home is one of the most important benefits for the homeowner. "The R-values and the air tightness...these factors work together to maximize the efficiency. With the climate changing and the summers getting hotter, and the winters getting colder, today's homeowners have picked up on the importance of proper insulation." 

While Gregor Homes have built all different sizes and styles of Timber Block homes - from Classic and Contemporary to full custom, right now, they are in the middle of one of the largest Timber Block structures in Canada. 

The Friday Harbour Resort Clubhouse (see more about the Friday Harbour Resort below) is just over 5500 square feet, with over 7000 square feet of roofing alone. The Clubhouse consists of 40 Timber Block panels, all of which were installed in - literally - hours. 

Here are photos of the Timber Block Clubhouse, courtesy of Gregor Homes. To follow this project, you can visit Gregor Homes on Facebook. 

   Timber Block Gregor Homes truck     

Friday Harbour Resort Timber Block


Timber Block Wall Raising Gregor


Friday Harbour Gregor Homes Timber Block

 Foundation Friday Harbour Timber Block


Timber Block Gregor Homes Ontario

Timber Block Gregor Homes Builder


Timber Block Profile Gregor Homes


Timber Block Gregor Homes ClubHouse

About Gregor Homes

Gregor homes prides itself on working closely with their clients to ensure they construct beautiful, superior spaces. Gregor Homes has been building its leading reputation using quality and customer satisfaction, and is committed to working with partners that are of the same mindset.

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Timber Block’s advanced technology is the winner of several awards including the NAHB 2017 Global Innovation Award, citing the R-36 patented home building technology - a panelized system that is highly energy efficient and greatly exceeding building codes.

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