The TB Building Process: Step 2: Integrating Your Home and Property

Each week, we're turning our focus to the Timber Block 7-Step Home Building Process. Last week, we introduced Step 1: Choosing a Plan.

Today, we're onto Step 2: Integrating Your Home and Property.

Timber Block has a service which is dedicated to ensuring the highest level of customer service to each and every one of our clients. The Construction Concierge Service includes a team of experts, including a Project Manager, designers, technicians and more, all of who are dedicated to your specific project from the very beginning of your journey, to the day you move in...and beyond.

Step 2 of the Timber Block Building Process - Integrating Your Home and Property - means our highly skilled technicians will assess your property, along with you and your builder, and make sure the house you are planning to build on that property will fit properly. 

Timber Block home construction

What do we mean by "fit properly"?

There are a few factors to discuss when attempting to integrate your home and property. For example: The sun. It's important to note which way your house is facing to determine whether you will have morning sun, evening sun, or "side" sun. If your home is getting late afternoon sun, maybe that may be too much light through your windows? This is a very important factor to consider, and our experts will the property with you and discuss your options. 

Another note: Roads. Where does your driveway lead to? The front of the house? The back? Is the entry way too steep? Is the road too busy? 

Utilities: This is extremely important. Our technicians will work with you to determine where your power source is, your water mains and gas lines. Your property must be accessible to your utilities.

Timber Block home land

This step in your building process is a very important one, and we are proud to ensure our team is with you - every step of the way. Read more about our Construction Concierge Service, and learn why Timber Block maintains the Top Spot in Customer Service.

Timber Block fairmont model

Have questions? Contact us anytime, or visit us at a model near you. 

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