Timber Block FAQ: Can I Build the Home Myself?

This is a question that comes up quite often. And in fact, this article will address not only this question, but a bit more about our processes and procedures, as well as our turnkey solutions!

Q: "Can I build my own Timber Block home?

The short answer is yes.... there are certainly times when the Timber Block homeowner can do plenty of the work themselves. As each piece of wood is cut, insulated, sanded and stacked in our factory, the home is delivered to the build site by truck, in panelized walls. The wall raising takes hours with the dry-in to follow.

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The longer answer...

The homeowner may be able to build a Timber Block home, but this is assuming they have the framing skills. However, time and the speed of construction, a novice "builder" may choose to rely on rely on a professional to install the Timber Block home – which typically takes less than a day. The other thing to think about is having the right tools, understanding how the crane works and having the ability to direct anyone helping.  Typically, unless the homeowner is a builder themselves, most will opt to go with a professional installer, with the Timber Block Project Manager's expert guidance.

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Now, finding a reputable builder...if you don't have a builder, we strongly encourage you take your time and do some in-depth interviews with multiple builders. Not only will this help ensure you feel comfortable with your builder, but you will gain some serious knowledge about the building process along the way. 


Where to start?

Your local home builders association can refer its members in good standing for you to interview. The associations have access to all the literature needed to help steer you in the right direction. Some people choose to act as the General Contractor and arrange part or all of the construction process to be sub-contracted for. But again, you really want to ensure you have the detailed knowledge about the building process, local zoning ordinances, and International Residential Code compliance regulations for each trade. The local code inspector will hold the consumer responsible for code compliance issues and that could become an issue with the sub-contractor, the consumer and the code enforcement officer. Typically the code enforcement officer shows no mercy to the consumer and the project can experience delays that will cost time and money.

In addition to the above information, as a Timber Block homeowner, you have a team dedicated to you and your project. You will have a design team, Home Consultant and Project Manager that will assist you from the early days through to move in.


Turnkey solutions?

Timber Block does offer full turnkey construction services in select locations. Contact us below to find out if your build project would qualify.

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