Timber Block FAQ: How do Timber Block Homes Stand up in Hurricanes?



When you're building a home in a location where you're apt to have more "extreme" weather conditions, finding the right manufacturer is critical. For example, if you're constructing your home where it's not uncommon to experience severe wind speeds, you want to make sure your home is strong and solid.

This is an inquiry our experts get on a regular basis:" How do Timber Block homes stand up in hurricanes?" Timber Block's National Construction Manager - USA Division - Parker McGee explains: 

"Mainland U.S. coastal design wind speeds range from 105 mph in Maine to 170 mph in Miami with most falling in around 130-140 mph (ASCE). Since we design and engineer each home exactly to its location, the design wind speeds are always a constraint. The biggest threat factor in a hurricane is flooding. Getting the finished floor to the proper elevation and designing the correct foundation for flooding is job one. The second biggest threat is high winds creating uplift on the roof assembly. At high speed, the roof wants to act as a wing and takeoff. Therefore, the engineers will design a load path to carry that lift to the footing. The third biggest risk factor is windborne debris. In a category 4 or 5, 2x4s can become missiles, so designing to protect the glass from the impact of this debris is very important. As one might imagine, there are multiple ways to resist these forces so we work with the engineers and local code to design the most robust and cost efficient home possible." 

Timber Block Arizona model

 Pictured above - Arizona model -rear exterior - Contemporary SeriesARIZONA_FRONT

Pictured above - Arizona model - front exterior - Contemporary Series


Pictured above - Milano - front exterior - Contemporary Series

Timber Block Denali Craftsman Model

Pictured above - Denali - Craftsman Series

alexandria-full (754x488)

Pictured above - Alexandria - Vintage Series

Timber Block Northcliff model

Pictured above - Northcliff - Classic Series 

Timber Block Celeste Evolution Pictured above - Celeste - Evolution Series 

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Timber Block's award-winning technology includes a patented, panelized home building system. Prepped and insulated in a quality-controlled factory, Timber Block homes are highly energy efficient, sustainable, high quality, can be constructed anywhere, and assemble in hours. Timber Block has dozens of homes in 5 different series, all of which can be modified. Full custom is available as well.

Timber Block is a proud partner of Mike Holmes and has adopted the Mike Holmes Inspection Program. Every Timber Block home constructed goes through the 3rd party inspection process and is stamped "Holmes Approved."

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