Building a Timber Block: Determining the Cost to Build

By far, the question we are asked the most relates to the cost of building a brand new home - and for us, specifically a Timber Block home. Understandably, this is something you need to figure out early in the process....but your first step is to have a clear budget for your home building project. Here are some tips to help you understand the things you need to consider when figuring out what that number is. Plus, this may help give you gain insight on why we ask the questions we do. 

1. Your overall budget - including land. This is a number you need to know, and a number we need to know to be able to help design a home that's perfect for you and your family, while staying within your budget. You'll notice we will always ask if you own land already, because that keep everyone on the same page - if your budget is $500,000 and you are planning on building on an exclusive piece of lakefront property, but you haven't purchased that land yet, realistically your overall cost to build that new home can be significantly higher than $500,000. Keep in mind, if you are in the process of looking for land, or need us to help you find land, we certainly can help, and can still get your project started.

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2. The location. Timber Block builds homes all over Canada and the United States. We will need to know where you're building, as that may also affect your budget. Building in a small town in rural Saskatchewan in Canada will clearly be different than building on a lakefront property in Ontario's Muskokas. The same goes for the United States. The cost to build is different in every state, county, even city. Not to mention the value of the dollar is much different. Before we can help you determine your budget, we need to know where you're building. 


3. Are you looking to purchase the Timber Block wall system, or are you looking for turnkey options? If you're purchasing the Timber Block panelized wall system alone, and building the home yourself or hiring a general contractor, this will also help to determine your overall cost. Timber Block also has turnkey options in select locations. To find out if turnkey is available in your area, contact a Timber Block Home Consultant by sending an email to

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4. Realizing changes to your floor plan and design may add cost to your overall budget. Adding walls, square footage, bedrooms, etc. to an existing plan may result in changes to the overall price. However, our expert team of designers can help ensure your design is as efficient as possible while meeting all your needs in your ideal home.


5. Upgrades. This is something you can discuss with your Home Consultant, but certain upgrades may reflect a change in budget. For example, R-30 is standard in every Timber Block home, but R-36 is available.

6. Finishings. From cabinets and countertops, to floors and light fixtures, coming up with an idea of what you want to include in your overall budget is key.

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