U.S. House Sizes Up Dramatically in 2017

The average square footage of homes contructed today are dramatically higher than they were 40 years ago. Today, we're looking into why that is, and what that means for today's homeowner.

The average new home built today is just over 2400 square feet, which is almost 1000 square feet more than the average home built in the 1970s. 

What is the reason for the major increase? 

In a nutshell, Americans simply want bigger. Today, you'll likely find an added bathroom, an added bedroom, larger rooms, much bigger kitchens and open living space, including in many cases, outdoor living space. 

But here's what's interesting. While today's homes are much larger in size, the way they are constructed has changed. For example, overall, homes today are much more energy efficient, from wall insulation (Timber Block has up to R-36 wall insulation) to an overall better and more quality construction. So, even though the homes today are bigger, if you're building an ecological, energy efficient, green home like Timber Block, you're home is actually WAY more energy efficient today than it would be with a much smaller home built in the 1970s.

Not to mention, although energy costs are always increasing, our homeowners are actually paying considerably less due to the high level of energy efficiency.

On the flip side, while the size of the average new home is much bigger today, the overall average lot size has gotten smaller! In fact, lot sizes - on average - are 13 percent smaller in 2017 compared to 1978. 

Why? Reports show while Americans are wanting the extra space, they don't want to give up convenience, therefore, in many cases, the ideal land becomes harder to acquire. For example, if a family wants to live closer to the job centers, the land becomes more expensive, therefore, the overall lot size is smaller. As cities, towns and communities grow, the more appealing that land becomes, the higher the price tag.

Where do you fit in as a new homeowner in 2017? Are you on trend with "The Bigger, The Better"? Are you wanting to live closer to convenience? Or are you looking to downsize, in a cozy remote location?

The great news is, no matter what you're looking for: a gradioise paradise in a hopping city, or a small, getaway lakefront cottage, we can do it. Find out more about our custom designs:

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