Rounding up the Timber Block Top 5 Most Asked Questions

Over the last while, we've been answering some of the most asked asked questions we get over here at the Timber Block Head office. Today, we've rounded up the top 5 most frequently asked questions. If you have any questions that aren't answered below, please feel free to email us anytime at or fill out the form below, and add your questions in the comments and we'll be sure to answer you ASAP!

At number 5...Can I change my floor plan, and will it affect the pricing of the home?

Yes, we are very proud to be one of the top builders of engineered wood homes, and have the ability to modify any one of our plans, or build a full custom design from your own wants and needs to ensure you end up with the home you've always pictured. 

Will that affect the pricing? It might. Anytime you are adding or changing a plan, it's likely the square footage has changed, walls or windows are added, (or taken out), but in the end, it's likely costs associated with the changes will make a difference. This is a discussion you will have with your Home Consultant and our design team. Below, you will see a full custom home - it's a mix of contemporary and classic, and was a collaboration between the homeowner and our designers. 

Timber Block Custom

4. Can I build the home myself?

Well, it certainly is possible! It will all depend on how handy you are! Part of Timber Block's Construction Concierge Service you will have a designated Timber Block Project Manager to help advise you along the way, and if you have building experience, it's possible you can build your Timber Block yourself. Typically, however, we recommend a certified builder or General Contractor. If you need help in finding a builder, we ave a lengthy list of Partner Builders in several locations across the country.  

Timber Block Wall Raising

3. Do you finance?

No. However, we have partnerships with several financial agencies that we can recommend, and again, we can help advise you along the way.

2. What's included?

The complete wall, roof and floor system, doors and windows, structural beams and columns, trim for the interior and exterior doors and windows, facia and soffit, and access to our expert team. The image down below gives you a good idea of what's included when you purchase a Timber Block home. For further details, contact us to speak to a Timber Block Expert. 


*Turnkey services are available in select locations. 

1. What is the cost of a Timber Block Home?

This is a question that can't be answered without knowing a little bit more. For example, where are you building? What are the building costs in your area? Are there any add-ons? What is the square footage? That being said, a quick phone call to one of our Timber Block pros will ensure you get a good idea of how much your Timber Block home will cost. Contact us by email, or call or visit a Timber Block model home near you.

Timber Block construction

Have a Timber Block home you would like to know more about? You can request a quote down below. 


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