Timber Block's Club Lac Walfred Project Wins Prestigious Award

Club Lac Walfred, a brand new exclusive, private resort, located 45 minutes north of Montreal opened in late 2015. The project was an effort between Timber Block Homes and the developer, Habitations Germat. Earlier this year, Timber Block was proud to learn the project was the recipient of a 2016 Domus award in residential construction. 

It was an easy decision for the developer to choose Timber Block to design and construct each home in the resort, as the charm, beauty and high end quality suited the gorgeous surroundings of Lac Walfred:



The homes are based on the Northcliff model, found in our Classic Series, but were modified to meet the preference of each homeowner. Floor plans were changed to add more storage, to widen rooms, including bedrooms, living areas, and lofts. Some of the homes were built with 3 bedrooms, some 4. 


Here's what some of the guests who visited and enjoyed the homes had to say:

"The cottage is superb. Very well designed, modern and very spacious and luminous."


"This is probably the most beautiful home I've ever walked into. The design was fabulous, the construction of the home is so well done. It truly is heaven on earth."


This is the original Northcliff model


Click to download the Northcliff floor plan

The Domus awards are given to those with expertise in residential construction. It recognizes companies in the field that have distinguised themselves for their exceptional achievements throughout the year. 

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