Timber Block's New Eris: A Special Delivery: (Video)

Timber Block's Eris model is a brand new design, and to say it's gorgeous is an understatement. Designed to have a flowing, efficient and ideal floor plan, we were excited to watch the walls of this beauty be installed in North Carolina. 

More about The Eris

The Eris is just under 4000 square feet, has 4 bedrooms, expanding kitchen, wide open living room, extra space and a 2 car garage. The Eris model (Timber Block Evolution),  boasts an oversized working island, clear wine cellar, super fashionable loft space that opens to below, and through to a wall of windows. The Eris is proudly one of our most beautiful home designs released in the past few months. 

The Timber Block Eris model:

Timber Block Eris

Timber Block Eris Back

Timber Block Eris interior

Click here to see the Eris floor plan.

This wall installation happened just this week, and it was just as exciting as the very first Timber Block wall raising years ago. 

Have a look at our Eris wall raising! 

Timber Block Eris Wall raising

Timber Block Eris installation

Timber Block NC Eris installation

Timber Block wall raising North Carolina Lake James

Here's a look at the installation of an Eris wall! 


Like all Timber Block homes, the Eris installation happened in just hours. Timber Block's patented, panelized home building system allows our homes to be built anywhere, and faster than most traditionally built home. You can learn more about Timber Block's technology, our processes and procedures, our partners, our commitment to our clients and more. Visit www.timberblock.com.

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The Timber Block panelized home building system was developer years ago, backed by well over 40 years of construction history. The system building process includes the injection of a high density polyurethane insulation, resulting in a R30 wall. Since then, R36 has now been achieved, and is available as an upgrade. This, along with a tight thermal envelope adds up to a highly energy efficient, sustainable home. Through this special, unique process, Timber Block homes can be built anywhere, and assemble in hours. 

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