Top 20 Plans: 1500-2000 Square Feet

Last week, we featured the Top 12 floor plans between 1000 and 1500 square feet. This week, we're going a bit bigger and showcasing some of our (and our client's!) favorite homes. 

Here are 20 models from our Classic, Contemporary, Craftsman and Vintage Series. To view the article featuring homes from 1000 to 1500 square feet, head here.

From our Classic Series

Stockholm I - 1651 sq. ft. 

Timber Block Stockholm

See the Stockholm I floor plan here. 

Adirondack - 1643 sq. ft. 

Timber Block Adirondack

See the Adirondack floor plan here. 

Northcliff - 1560 sq. ft.

Timber Block Northcliff

See the Northcliff floor plan here.

St. Bernard - 1558 sq. ft.

Timber Block St. Bernard

See the St. Bernard floor plan here.

Eastman - 1515 sq. ft. 

Eastman Timber Block

See the Eastman floor plan here.

Dakota - 1862 sq. ft. 

Timber Block Dakota

See the Dakota floor plan here.

Vega - 1934 sq. ft. 

Vega Timber Block

See the Vega floor plan here.

From our Craftsman Series

Blackcomb - 1844 sq. ft. 

Timber Block Blackcomb

See the Blackcomb floor plan here. 

Piedmont - 1844 sq. ft. 

Timber Block Piedmont

See the Piedmont floor plan here.

Orford - 1986 sq. ft.

Timber Block Orford

See the Orford floor plan here.

Whistler - 1903 sq. ft.

Timber Block Whistler

See the Whistler floor plan here.

Nova - 1870 sq. ft.

Timber Block Nova Craftsman

See the Nova floor plan here.

Note: The Nova can be found in the Contemporary Series as well. To see the Nova Contemporary, head here. 

Orion - 1914 sq. ft.

Timber Block Orion

See the Orion floor plan here.

Palma - 1797 sq. ft. 

Timber Block Palma

See the Palma floor plan here.

From our Contemporary Series

Monterey - 1567 sq. ft.

Timber Block Monterey

See the Monterey floor plan here.

Sun Lakes - 1724 sq. ft.

Timber Block Sun Lakes

See the Sun Lakes floor plan here.

Sonoma 1917 sq. ft.

Timber Block Sonoma

See the Sonoma floor plan here.

Surrey - 1867 sq. ft.

Timber Block Surrey

See the Surrey floor plan here.

Celeste - 1836 sq. ft.

Timber Block Celeste

See the Celeste floor plan here.

From our Vintage Series:

Providence - 1680 sq. ft. 

Timber Block Providence

See the Providence floor plan here.

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