Looking For Inspiration? Here are 8 Home Designs You'll Love

Knowing what you want in a home is the very first step in the journey you are considering or are about to take. There are several things to think about:

Your personal style! Do you love Classic? Contemporary? Craftsman? A bit of everything? Have your own picture in your mind? (Our designers love designing homes from the client's dreams and ideas!)

The size. The square footage of your home will matter! You want to make sure you have the space you want.

Think about the future. Will you have family that will grow? Is this your forever home, and want to make sure it will serve you best later in life?

Home Design and floor plan. Our team of designers shine in this department. Together, you and your designer can talk about what's most important to you in a floor plan. Making a list will help as well. For example: rate the importance of each room. Are you dead set on a culinary's dream for a kitchen? Are you in a place where you feel our outdoor living space will be a place you hang out in? Is a "Carrie Bradshaw" closet something you've always wanted? 

When you're in this early stage of the process, looking at home designs and floor plans are a sure bet for inspiration. Here are 8 Timber Block homes that inspired our homeowners! 

The Blackcomb - Craftsman Series 

Timber Block Backcomb exterior

Timber Block Backcomb Interior

Click here to download the Blackcomb floor plan.

The Aster - Craftsman Style

Timber Block Aster

Timber Block Aster interior

Click here for the Aster floor plan.

The Phoenix - Contemporary Series 

Timber Block Phoenix Back

Timber Block Phoenix model

Head here to see the Phoenix floor plan.

The Stockholm II - Classic Series

Timber Block Stockholm Model

Timber Block Stockholm Interior

Head here to get the Stockholm II floor plan.

The Eastman - Classic Series


Timber Block custom eastman

Get the Eastman floor plan here.

The Whistler - Craftsman Series

The Whistler Timber Block

Timber Block Whistler Interior

Head here for the Whistler floor plan

The Northcliff - Classic Series

Timber Block Northcliff

Timber Block Northcliff interior

Get the Northcliff floor plan here. 

The Colorado - Classic Series

Timber Block Colorado model

Timber Block colorado interior

Get the Colorado floor plan here

These 8 home designs are just a handful of dozens of Timber Block models. You can see all of our homes, plus the floor plans here. 

To find out more about Timber Block, our homes, our building process, technology, partners and more, please contact us anytime:

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