June Gardening Tips...Coast to Coast!

We're a little over a week into June, and for some gardeners, the planting season was held off due to the dragging of winter in some areas, while others had a head start thanks to an early leap into the warm weather. Regardless of where you are, June continues to be one of the busiest months for anyone and everyone who is planting - whether a bountiful garden, planters and pots, or veggies and herbs.

Here are a few gardening tips and considerations broken down by location.


Even in June, the evenings can still be a tad chilly.  Because of this, you want to be careful to plant flowers that won't droop in the cold air. Pansies and snapdragons are easy to care for, and can withstand a little cooler air. Herbs are okay, as well as greens such as lettuce, although you still want to wait other week or 2 to really dig deep and start planting your entire vegetable garden. Avoiding hanging baskets for another couple of weeks would be ideal. 

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As far as pruning - i's a good idea to let things be, until your first blooms start to fade. As far as flower beds go, it's a good idea to wait another week or so. Remember, you never want to prune any perennial before it's done blooming. If you're not sure of which plants bloom at which time of year, don't hesitate to ask your local garden center!


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By now, the Midwest has been looking at green grass for awhile and many perennials seem to be show up overnight! Right now is the ideal time to divide the perennials that need dividing. Adding topsoil and fertilizer won't hurt to your beds and this month is when you want to have all your spring lawn maintenance in the books.

You're also good to go - for the most part - to start planting in the ground and in pots and planter. Flower and garden season lasts much longer in the midwest, so you've got plenty of time to get your planting done, while still enjoying a full season for enjoying your efforts.

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The deep south 

We turn to the experts at Southern Living (www.southernliving.com) for June gardening tips for southern states like Alabama and Florida. 

Here's what they have to say: 

Tropical shrubs for easy color and beautiful blooms are popular, with "Orange Peel" cestrum, firebush, jatropha, angel’s trumpets, yellow bells, Turk’s cap, and thryallis being good choices. These should be planted in full sun for most.

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There are many great tips thanks to Better Homes and Gardens for all areas, but we loved what they had to say for the Mountain West: "The right plants and our mountain garden ideas can help them grow beautiful, colorful gardens from spring until fall. For year-after-year color, old-fashioned perennials and wildflowers can't be beat."

June is a fun and exciting month for all gardeners, including beginners and seasoned! Heading down to your local garden center is always your best bet. They will have knowledge on what plants and flowers grow best to your specific area.

Another important tip: Plan Ahead! Take note of where you're going to be planting, whether it's in a garden or in planters and pots. Be aware of how many hours of shade and sun those areas get, so your garden center expert will be able to assist you better. Measuring the space, and taking photos will help even further. 

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