A Look Into Timber Block's Award Winning Technology

As you may have heard, Timber Block Homes was honored with several industry awards within the last few months including this year's NAHB Global Innovation Award...all thanks to Timber Block's patented, revolutionary and superior technology.

Today, we're talking about our technological efforts, and why it's made a significant impact in the home building industry. 

Timber Block Construction

Timber Block Leads the Way

The importance of efficient building, the use of green technology and energy savings has become incredibly important for homeowners in the last few years. In fact, not only has the level of importance gone up, but the building codes have made it a necessity. However, long before building codes were the way they are today, Timber Block was knee-deep in creating a product that was guaranteed to excel in energy efficiency, which was then patented and developed into one of the industry's leading manufacturers of energy efficient, engineered wood homes.

Ease of Construction

Timber Block's proprietary product has been highly recognized for its speed and ease of construction. When you take out a considerable amount of time it takes to build, the amount of money saved is significant, and the homeowners get to enjoy their home a lot sooner. Our one-day wall raisings means our homeowners are moving in several weeks faster. 

Timber Block Wall Raising

R-30-R-36 Wall Insulation

R-30 is standard in every Timber Block home. Whether you are building a Tiny Home, or an expansive 10,000 square foot house, the walls will include R-30 wall insulation. In 2016, Timber Block was able to take it up a level and create an R-36 wall. This is not only meeting, but well exceeding building codes coast-to-coast.

Timber Block Logs

NAHB awarded Timber Block with this year's Global Innovation Achievement because of our ability to achieve high levels of energy efficiency, all while maintaining the look of a log home.

Here's what was said when this great honor was announced:

“Timber Block has designed, created and installed building technology that improves energy conservation, cost savings and indoor comfort,” Coveny said. “The technology is a significant advance in log home construction.” - Patrick Coveny, president of Architecture Construction Management and an NAHB Global Opportunities board member. 

Timber Block Awards

How does it work?

Timber Block's technology is a patented and proprietary product where the entire wall is manufactured in our controlled facility. The "logs" are cut, sanded, stained (by hand!) thru-bolted every 24 inches for strength and bonded under thousands of pounds of pressure. The walls are then stacked and delivered on-site, with the wall installation happening within hours. Not only is this saving tons of time, but it eliminates outside factors, like bugs, critters and of course, weather.

Timber Block Delivery

Timber Block has literally made dreams come true for so many people...all over the world. To find out more about our processes and procedures, visit a model home near you, or contact us for a one-on-one meeting.

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