Your Guide to Outdoor Living and Landscaping!

Welcome to Spring 2020 - the beginning of summer fun, barbecues, outdoor living and sun! Whether you've just built your new home and are looking for new landscape designs and ideas, or simply want to freshen up your outdoor space, here are a few ideas from some of our homeowners who have been in your shoes. Plus, see below for landscaping tips and tricks that could help you along the way. 

Outdoor Living Space

You've heard us say it before: expansive, widespread outdoor living spaces that bring the outside in is not even close to being a's here to stay. Today's homeowner who chooses to add a space like this to their floor plan have it designed in a way that blends beautifully (and comfortably!) with the rest of the house. Here are a few examples, from both contemporary and classic homes:

outdoor living space


outdoor kitchen-small-1

Planning and completing your outdoor landscaping is just as important as planning and building your dream home...and the same goes for furnishings! Here are some examples from a few of our homeowners:

Timber Block outdoor living


landscaping 2

Tips, tricks and ideas for your landscaping

If you're starting from scratch - literally! If you're home is new and you're looking at a pile of dirt, rocks and weeds, and don't know where to start, there's good news! There are so many professionals that can help, and just like a Timber Block floor plan, you can customize any landscape drawing to make it suit you!

Where do you start?

* Plan for Equipment Access

* Start With (and Maintain) the Focal Points

* Keep Curves in Check

* Add Movement

* Accent Your House

* Take Nothing for Granted

* Right Plant, Right Spot

*Tips and tricks from HGTV!


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