Timber Block Building Process: Step 3: Rightsizing & Planning

The third step in the Timber Block Building Process is one of our favorite steps. Why? This is where you get to dig deep, and genuinely plan out your future. The fact that you've taken this leap to building your dream home is such an incredible milestone, this entire journey is one you will always remember. We, at Timber Block, are committed to making sure you enjoy this process...every step of the way. 

Step 3: Rightsizing and Planning for the Future

Thinking abour your future is so important. It's necessary to think ahead and plan accordingly. Will your family be expanding? If so, you may want your home design to have the ability to add onto later. What about your parents? Grandparents? You may want to consider adding an extra room right from the get-go. From the basement to spare bedrooms, kitchen size, outdoor living space and a garage, rightsizing your home is critical, and we can help. 

Timber Block building home

Rightsizing and planning for the future is Step 3 in the Timber Block building process. Each week, the Timber Block blog takes a closer look at each step. Stay tuned...an inside look at Step 4 (Maximizing Efficiency) will be published right here, and on any of our social sites. 

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Timber Block Building custom home

Timber Block's 7-Step Building Process has been applauded by home builders across the country. Why? Well, our mission is to make the home building process smooth and pleasant for our homeowners, but for the builders, contractors, developers and other partners. Timber Block offers a Construction Concierge Service to each and every client, which is a unique to each and every project. Our commitment to customer service is at the top of the list. It's something we're very proud of. 

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If you have any questions at all, about our Building Process, Technology, Plans or more, contact a Timber Block Home Consultant today.

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