Timber Block: Leading the Way in Energy Efficiency

It's no surprise to hear the level of energy efficiency in a home is extremely important. How you get to the highest level depends on the type of home you build.

Timber Block utilizes a unique, panelized  system - a structurally insulated panel, which results in a tremendous level of energy efficiency. Timber Block Project Manager Curtis McCurry says the Timber Block product is where the industry is going in terms of energy efficiency.

Curtis says the efficiency of a Timber Block home starts right from the beginning of the process - the design phase. "Our clients will sit down with our in-house design team, who will map out their plan and make any modifications for their specific needs."

It's important to note, the Timber Block panels are built in a controlled environment, or "off-site" construction. "This means we don't have the challenges of weather, which could cause significant issues." This also means there is far less waste than a traditional build.

The Timber Block insulation process is completely unique, and is - in fact - a patented process. "We use a closed cell polyurethane foam. Our partners - BASF - designed a mix just for us, which also gives us the high level of energy efficiency - there are never any voids in the wall cavity. Our homes have a tight thermal envelope and therefore our homes can be designed for passive house, net zero energy ready...any of the energy certification programs."

Once the insulation process is complete and the panels of the home are ready to go, the walls are flat stacked and delivered to the build site. "The walls will go up in one day. So, by the end of the day, the exterior is complete, which traditionally would've been brick or any type of siding. Your framing, your insulation, your interior cladding - it's all done in one day. 

Timber Block Denver wall installation

The installation of a Denver model in North Carolina

In addition, the entire Timber Block process means you can build a Timber Block home...anywhere.

Timber Block is a proud partner of the Mike Holmes Group, and has integrated their 3-step inspection program. "It's a third party inspection program - no matter where you build in North American, there is factory inspection done that is certified by a Mike Holmes inspector. The second step is a framing inspection. An inspector will come out and make sure the home has been installed properly. The third part is an energy inspection. A blower door test will be done to make sure all the elements are sealed and properly accounted for."

timber block classic series denver

Timber Block has delivered homes all over North America, and has several locations throughout. 

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