Timber Block and SIPs: What's the Difference?

What's the difference between Timber Block's panelized system building process and SIPS? It's a question we are frequently asked. 

Our National Construction Manager Parker McGee explains it best:

“Timber Block’s wall system, at its core, is a hybrid or modified structural insulated panel (SIP). Sip home systems have been around for quite some time, but have largely been a novelty system used for very specific reasons by people with very specific design intents. SIP home systems in general are a terrific building component, but their popularity has suffered from poor marketing, limited load capacity, and the flexibility and familiarity of traditional stick built construction. Timber Block’s wall system enjoys the energy efficiency and the production efficiency of a traditional SIP while retaining the load capacity of a traditional 2X4 wall built 24” on center. SIP home systems have been enjoying a bit of a renaissance due to the growing focus in the building industry on sustainability and energy efficiency. Timber Block is unique in that the company has gone to great lengths to successfully promote a brand identity along the lines of “Hardi-Plank,” “ AdvanTech,” and “Tyvek”, as opposed to peddling itself as another “new and improved” SIP.”

Timber Block Panelized Wall System

Timber Block's patented system building process was developed several years ago, and since then, we've designed and delivered hundreds of homes across Canada, the USA and beyond. 

tim holmes construction truck

Factors that make Timber Block the preferred choice:

-Ease of build

-Can be delivered and constructed anywhere in the world, in most terrains


-Green technology

-Energy Efficient (R-30, R-36 wall insulation)

-Can build from stock plans, customize a plan, or design a complete custom

-Modern building methods. It's what put Timber Block on the map!

-15 Year Finish Warranty

-Will never settle or check

Timber Block Home Consultants and Project Managers are available to talk with you about your home building project.  You can contact us anytime at info@timberblock.com.




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