Timber Block and Sustainability: Hear From a Homeowner's Point of View

There has been a renewed focus on sustainability in the home building industry in recent years, and that focus is expected to increase...and fast. Along with the ability to achieve a home that is considered sustainable, another important factor is the level of energy efficiency. These 2 factors are at the top of the list for many of our homeowners, and because we understand the importance of sustainability and energy efficiency, we are committed to going above and beyond. (Read more about our commitment to sustainability here.)

Michael and Victoria Boomgarden built a Dakota from Timber Block's Classic series a few years ago in Wisconsin. We asked Michael to share how he felt about sustainability and its importance. "Our primary concern was sustainability...initially, we focused on energy efficiency. The nature of Timber Block's design technology--highly energy efficient wall systems, incredible roof/attic insulation, low-e windows, and a focus on attacking air infiltration--means that, on a square foot (or square meter) basis, a Timber Block home is extremely efficient, requiring very little energy to heat or cool.  It's "sustainable" because it requires much less energy to occupy. Our experience over six years of ownership has proven this to be true--it's the most energy-efficient home we've owned."


Michael says as they continues to learn more about the Timber Block product, they learned of other ways in which it ranks high in sustainability. "For example, the lumber used to craft the exterior wall system is harvested from sustainable forests, structural beams and columns are engineered from small trees that would otherwise not be usable, and, at the same time, replace steel components of lesser strength that are manufactured with a greater environmental impact. Even the insulating foam is created from renewable resources. Additionally, the factory processes used to build Timber Block components are highly efficient, resulting in very little waste of the materials used to create these homes."


Comparing to traditional home building practices, Michael says Timber Block brings a level of energy efficiency and overall sustainability to a wider marketplace. "They do this by providing these benefits as a comprehensive building package that would be impossible--or at least very costly--to duplicate using conventional building methods."


The Boomgardens have been enjoying their home since it was constructed several years ago. Michael says a large part of sustainability in building is the ability of a home to stand the test of time. "Many homes are demolished within a few years of being built, at a substantial cost, in terms of wasted resources. Our builder told us that our Timber Block home was "rock solid," a home of "incredible quality." We built it to last through many generations, and we fully expect that in the far distant future, it continue to bring others joy, as a beautiful, comfortable, and efficient home."

Timber Block Boomgardens

(Michael and Victoria Boomgarden)

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