The Real Meaning Behind the Term "True Stacked Construction"

Anyone who is either building their own home, or plays any kind of part in the housing industry, the term "True Stacked Construction" may be familiar, especially when referencing prefabricated homes or structures. 

What does "True Stacked Construction" really mean, and why is it important?

Timber Block homes and buildings are all constructed in what we call a "panelized" format. However, unlike other panelized homes, or SIPS panels, each piece of wood, or insulated "log" is "truly" stacked: so stacked individually. Once the logs are stacked, they are then thru-bolted. 

Timber Block log homes

This is something that is extremely important because this gets rid of any sort of hassle associated with assembling on site, which saves a significant amount of time, therefore a hefty amount of cash. This also eliminates any sort of risks a homeowner or builder may face when it comes to things like weather, bugs, critters and more, as our panels are constructed inside our factory, which is climate and quality controlled.

Timber Block panelized prefab homes

Other benefits of the Timber Block system

Timber Block's unique, award-winning panelized system technology results in no chance of checking or settling. This is one of the biggest concerns home builders and homeowners have when building a wood, or log home. Settling happens when the wood shrinks AFTER the home is built. Checking is a crack in the wood as it dries (or changes the level of moisture). 

Timber Block wood engineered homes

Typically, builders will leave gaps in spots, such as between the wood and windows or doors to give it "room" to move. Of course, it's almost impossible to predict exactly how much the wood will expand or move, so the end result is almost always a loss of energy efficiency. This is why Timber Block's unique process is so sought-after - the wood we use (with each and every home we build) is dried to an 8-10 percent moisture content, This, along with our patented assembly procedure completely eliminates the risk of both settling and checking.

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About Timber Block

With decades of experience, Timber Block offers a product unlike any other in panelized residential construction. Our homes are highly energy efficient, the highest of quality and some of most beautiful homes around the world. Our award-winning patented technology assures homeowners are living in a state of the art, environmentally friendly home. With an extensive line of plans in 4 different series, Timber Block has made dreams come true all over North America and beyond. All our plans can be customized, and full custom is available as well. Our 15 Year Finish Warranty, Construction Concierge Service and a dedicated team of experts has helped name Timber Block one of the most respected manufacturers of wood homes in the nation. 

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What Timber Block homeowners have to say

“From our first visit to the Timber Block model home, my wife and I were so comfortable and excited to learn about the Timber Block technology. The expertise and product knowledge shared by the staff was exceptional and without any pressure, which made our decision to purchase very easy. Our comfort level has increased through each step working with the team on the design, customizing the plans to our wishes and desires, to the actual construction of our mountain dream house. We’re so excited and can’t wait for the open house party upon completion. Hats off to the Timber Block Team!” – Bruce and Tonya

"I am thrilled with my stunningly beautiful and energy efficient home. The ease of construction of my Timber Block home renews my faith in companies which build an economically sound home that will last.” – Susan

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