Timber Block Homes Featured on NBC's Charlotte Today-FULL SEGMENT!

NBC's Charlotte Today's Colleen Odegaard spent time touring a Denver model at our Connelly Springs, North Carolina location along with the TV Host Mike Holmes! 

In case you missed the segment, listen and watch as Mike Holmes explains how the Timber Block Panelized Home Building System works, and why Timber Block is "Holmes Approved": 

Timber Block Charlotte Today


Charlotte Today spent the morning touring the Denver model, along with learning all about the Timber Block Process. When asked why he loves Timber Block, Mike Holmes had this to say, "For years, I'm the guy that has been trying to come up with a way to build better, faster, more environmentally friendly and find the best builders around to accomplish this." 

While Timber Block isn't the first to build homes inside a factory, Holmes says the theory of factory building had several benefits, but also several flaws. "Timber Block, through engineering, has solved ALL those issues. Today, you need to build a stronger home, a home that is able to withstand storms and environmental changes, such as floods, high winds."

Holmes says structurally, the engineering is phenomenal. "With an R-Value of R-30 as a minimum, that's way above code. We need to be able to build in the hottest and coldest areas."

Timber Block is proud to be a Holmes Approved Product, a Holmes Approved Builder and a Holmes Approved Home. Holmes says the Holmes Approved Program was finding the best builders area. "I've created a third party verification program, which means Mike Holmes Inspections must come and document the build. It's a win-win-win. It's a win for the builder, a win for me, and a win for the buyer."

Mike Holmes is proud to say Timber Block Homes are "Done right the first time."

Learn more about the Mike Holmes "Holmes Approved" Program, along with the Mike Holmes Inspection Program and the partnership with Timber Block


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