Don't Let the Building Process SCARE you. We Make it Easy

Just because it's Halloween, and you're in the early stages of the home building process, there's no need to be in a FRIGHT! 

Thinking about jumping in and actually starting the process may sound a little SCARY, but we're here to make sure there's nothing to be SPOOKED about!

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Timber Block has an innovating, award-winning process that ensures all the homes we build are beautiful, Timber Block Strong, sustainable, energy efficient, low maintenance, eco-friendly, assemble in hours and can be built anywhere. But just as important: your support team.

Timber Block consists of a team of experts that guide you - literally - every step of the way. Your Home Consultant is your first point of contact, whether it starts with a phone call, or you meet at a home show, or one of our several model homes around Canada and the USA. They will answer all of your questions, and steer you in the right direction when it come to all aspects of the process...even the things you think you may need to have nailed down before you visit with us, like finding the property to build on, or tracking down a builder. The fact is, our team can help guide you with all steps of the building process. Our staff consists of extraordinary designers who can modify the model you love, or create a design from your very own thoughts and ideas.


Does the thought of maintaining a wood home make your BLOOD CURDLE? 

This is a very common question and concern. And we love answering it. Simply put, all Timber Block homes need far less maintenance than traditionally built wood homes. Our homes will never settle or check (Click here to find out all about settling and checking and how Timber Block avoids both), and with a 15 year warranty on finishes, you'll be sweeping off the COBWEBS in the corners before you even have to start thinking about any sort of maintenance.

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Are your FRIGHTENED about your potential energy bills in your home?

Have no FEAR, ever Timber Block home is constructed using our patented insulating process, with each home enjoying R-30 wall insulation (that's standard for every Timber Block home - R-36 is available). This, along with a super tight thermal envelope ensures your air quality is where it should be, you and your family feel comfortable, and your home is efficient, meaning a potential of thousands of dollars in energy bill savings over time. 


Want to hear what other Timber Block homeowners have to say about their experience? Don't be AFRAID, here are several stories from current homeowners who can assure you, there are no HORRIFYING tales to tell. Happy Halloween!

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