Why Timber Block, Chapter 3: Timber Block's Commitment to Green Building

Our final chapter in our 3-part Series is all about our commitment to green building and how we practice green building through our practices, materials and partners.

Why Timber Block: Chapter 2: How Timber Block Maximizes Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency. It's a top priority for most homeowners looking to build a new home. Simply put, an energy efficient home will save money and be more durable and comfortable. 

Why Timber Block Chapter 1: An In-Depth Look at Timber Block's Panelized Building System

"The push comes as timber becomes more cost competitive as steel prices rise, and the use of pre-fabricated wood panels allows for quicker construction with less labor..." - Bloomberg.com

The Mike Holmes Inspection Program: How it Works, and WHY it Works

Timber Block's partnership with Mike Holmes is stronger than ever, making Timber Block homeowners rest easy knowing they have built the highest of quality, energy efficient, beautiful home.

Timber Block's New Eris: A Special Delivery: (Video)

Timber Block's Eris model is a brand new design, and to say it's gorgeous is an understatement. Designed to have a flowing, efficient and ideal floor plan, we were excited to watch the walls of this beauty be installed in North Carolina. 

Looking For Inspiration? Here are 8 Home Designs You'll Love

Knowing what you want in a home is the very first step in the journey you are considering or are about to take. There are several things to think about:

UPDATE: The Timber Block Tour at The Coves Postponed

Updated March 16, 2020.

Open House Events, Custom Lodge Tour, Home Shows & More. Welcome to March!

We're full swing into March 2020, and that means, we're busier than ever, and it all begins today! Here's a list of upcoming shows, open house events and other happenings in the upcoming days:

5 Single Level Homes You'll Fall in Love With

Single level, Ranch, Garden level or one-story. While there are many ways to say it, a home's living space - all on one floor - is as common and favored today as it was years ago.