Timber Block's Eastman Model Gains National Attention

From coast to coast, Timber Block's Eastman model from the Classic Series has gained plenty of attention. 

Have Questions? Our Experts Answer Your FAQ

From the very first home delivered years ago, Timber Block's team of experts have always put our homeowners first. As a person, couple or family looking to build a brand new home - whether it will be your primary residence, vacation home or rental investment, ...

A Dakota Under Construction in Texas: Hear From the Homeowner

Two years ago, Nicholas and Stephanie found the perfect piece of land to build their second home. While they may have purchased the land awhile back, they were in no hurry to build. to them, it was more important to ensure they found the right home to make the...

Casting is Open for the New Mike Holmes Series!

Casting is now open for "Holmes Family Rescue"! The new series wants to hear from inspiring Canadians who are working to make a difference. You can nominate an organization or group, or an individual or family who is in need of a renovation that will change th...

Back to School, Back to Designing Your Dream Home

For many families, the kids are heading back to school as early as this week! Whether you have younger children getting ready to hit the books this month, or college students ready to begin their next year, now is the time to use your free tine to kick your ne...

7 "Hot" Fireplace Designs to Keep You Warm This Fall

With an endless number of ways to customize a fireplace in a new home build, you can turn its functionality into a focal point in any room in the house. 

Determine the Cost to Build: Your Questions Answered

One of the inquiries we often receive relates to pricing. Many times, we are asked to provide a price "list" or are asked why we don't have a pricing "tab" on our website. We know people want to have a "ball park" figure to work with, but more importantly, kno...

Construction Complete!

http://blog.timberblock.com/timber-block-sustainability-home-construction Building a new home is certainly a milestone in a person's  life. Whether it's your first home, a home you've always dreamed of, a second or vacation home, there's nothing like watching ...

Tiny Haus Lives Becomes a Global Attraction

Tiny House living has been known to peek the interest of people from coast to coast. There's a hint of curiosity among people to find out what's it's really like to take "downsizing" to another level.

Timber Block Spotlight: Quebec

Please note: Timber Block's Granby and Mirabel locations are OPEN during the construction holiday. Both locations are open from 12-5 pm.