Save Up to $20,000. Over 75 Plans to Choose From

We're ending January and kicking off February with a special opportunity for future homeowners! From now until February 29, 2020, Timber Block is offering up to $20,000 on over 75 plans! 

Build Anywhere. Assembles in Hours. What this means to the homeowner.

Build anywhere...assembles in hours. You'll hear us say these 4 words a lot. (In fact, #buildanywhere #assemblesinhours are our favorite hashtags on Instagram!) Today, we're going into more detail on what this means to you. 

Spring Home Show Season is Heating Up! Find Out Where Timber Block is Headed

As January comes to an end, and February is just around the corner, the thoughts turn into the most wonderful time of the year....Spring Home Show Season! 

Top 10 Contemporary Home Design Photos

At Timber Block, we're proud to design and deliver high quality, energy efficient, beautiful homes coast to coast. Our panelized home building system allows individuals and families to build the home they want, with the following benefits:

Timber Block vs Traditional Home Building: What You Need to Know

The look, feel and smell of a wood home....there's really nothing like it. Today, we're looking at building a Timber Block home vs. a traditional "log" home, specifically when it comes to care, maintenance and efficiency.

Another Craftsman Style Home Gets Home of the Week Honors: The Aster

There's no question the Craftsman style is proving to be a look that is never going to fall in popularity anytime soon. With qualities and features that stand out, and floor plans that accentuate the architectural beauty of the craftsman style, plus a whole bu...

February Focus in on the Fireplace! See the Best of the Best in Fireplace Design.

Winter has hit hard for many this season, and although we're inching toward melting snow and warmer weather, we are still smack dab in the middle of fireplace season. Today, we're taking a look at some of our favorites, some of your favorites, some traditional...

Timber Block: The Ultimate Alternative to Traditional Log Home Building

During an interview with Charlotte Today, Timber Block Project Manager Curtis McCurry explained the Timber Block technology, how it works, and how we're able to reach the level of energy efficiency that we do. Curtis explained that Timber Block - a patented pr...

A Custom Milano Wins First Home of the Month in 2020

Easily, Timber Block's original Milano model is one of the top models from the Contemporary Series...for a number of reasons: 

Improving the Energy Efficiency in Your Home -5 Simple Steps!

Energy efficiency. It's our favorite topic! Since our inception, Timber Block has been committed to ensuring a super high level of energy efficiency using unique, innovative technology. Part of that commitment includes building homes that have a high R factor ...