Timber Block Experts to Hold Special Open House in North Carolina

RSVP today and mark it in your calendar! Timber Block will hold an Open House Event Saturday, November 2 at our Connelly Springs, North Carolina location. 

6 Simple Ways to Minimize Waste!

Minimizing waste. This is an incredibly important thing we can do to help our environment. At Timber Block, we are dedicated to building sustainable, energy efficient, ecological homes using advanced technology that minimizes waste. 

October 2019 Home of the Month: The Labrador

The Labrador in Timber Block's Classic Series is a much-loved model for anyone looking to build the cottage-style home of their dreams. Many homeowners fall in love with the well-designed floor plan - a functional AND beautiful design, with an exterior that's ...

Two Day Installation Event in Ontario - and You're Invited! (Photos)

Timber Block Top 5: Contemporary Home Plans

Timber Block's Contemporary Series has been celebrated since the very first model was constructed. The lover of the contemporary style typically wants their home to be efficient, built with green technology, sustainable with plenty of natural light and open sp...

Sustainability and the Timber Block Commitment

It's no surprise to most in the industry to know Timber Block's commitment to green building, energy efficiency and sustainability. It's been our promise from the very first Timber Block home constructed, and we're proud to say we have now gone above to ensure...

Your Favorite Classic Timber Block Homes (Photos)

If you happened to catch Timber Block Project Manager Curtis McCurry on NBC's Charlotte Today a few days ago, you may have heard him touch on the early beginnings of Timber Block.

Timber Block: Leading the Way in Energy Efficiency

It's no surprise to hear the level of energy efficiency in a home is extremely important. How you get to the highest level depends on the type of home you build.

Custom Home Building: Top Terms Defined

"Custom Home Building". If you google these 3 words, these are the top 5 phrases that come up:

Timber Block's Eastman Model Gains National Attention

From coast to coast, Timber Block's Eastman model from the Classic Series has gained plenty of attention.