Top 20 Plans: 1500-2000 Square Feet

Last week, we featured the Top 12 floor plans between 1000 and 1500 square feet. This week, we're going a bit bigger and showcasing some of our (and our client's!) favorite homes. 

Your New Home: 5 Homes that Will Inspire You: PHOTOS

If you're reading this, you're either starting or smack dab in the middle of planning on building a new home. Whether you're looking to build a new dream primary home, or looking to contract a second vacation home, here are 5 homes you can pour over for inspir...

Top 12 Plans: 1000 and 1500 Square Feet

We're dipping into 3 different Timber Block Series to bring you some of our favorite models and floor plans of homes that range from 1000 square feet to 1500 square feet. 

Designing Your Custom Home: What You Can Expect

The fun and exciting path to your dream home has several steps. First, there's the decision to build your very own home - the home that suits you and your family best, has everything you's the home you always dreamed of. Your decision is followed by ...

Building a Timber Block: Determining the Cost to Build

By far, the question we are asked the most relates to the cost of building a brand new home - and for us, specifically a Timber Block home. Understandably, this is something you need to figure out early in the process....but your first step is to have a clear ...

Defining the Difference Between Modern and Contemporary in Home Design

It's a question that's asked quite often:  "If it's 'Contemporary' style, then it is modern, right"?"  Today, we'll take a look at some of the differences between a contemporary and modern home. 

The Muskokas Newest Jewel: Top 25 Photos of this Lakefront Custom Dakota

Today, we're showing you one of the Muskokas newest jewels...a brand new, fabulous, customized Timber Block Dakota. 

Escape to Your Dream Home With This Craftsman Beauty

Our featured home of the week has everything to do with style, design, luxury and architecture. The Craftsman style homes are always eye catching due to the typical features of the craftsman design, such as the use of mixed materials, the level of craftsmanshi...

From a Vision to a Reality: Timber Block Homeowners Talk About Their Journey to Their Dream Home

In a little Quebec town on a pristine lake, on a one-of-a-kind property, there's a customized Timber Block home that is truly a dream come true. 

June Gardening Tips...Coast to Coast!

We're a little over a week into June, and for some gardeners, the planting season was held off due to the dragging of winter in some areas, while others had a head start thanks to an early leap into the warm weather. Regardless of where you are, June continues...